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The Alaska Mortgage Momma team operates under the umbrella of First Rate Financial. First Rate Financial is a boutique mortgage broker with offices located in Anchorage, Wasilla and Fairbanks.

We LOVE this company and the people we are lucky to work with every single day.

When you decide to buy, finding the right home is only half the battle. First Rate Financial and the Alaska Mortgage Momma is the team that will help you find the best option for your needs.

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Alaska Mortgage Momma Helps Families Purchase Their Forever Homes in the Mat-Su Valley

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Eva, the Alaska Mortgage Momma with First Rate Financial has lived in Alaska for 31 years. She is the mother of two and step-mom of four. When she is not helping her clients she is enjoying the outdoors, working in her garden or playing with her three dogs.

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We beleive that the entire homebuying process should be simple and even fun! Our goal is to guide you through the mortgage process so that you feel as little stress as possible.

Our proven process and years of expierience means that we know how to handle even the most complex mortgages.

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Jake B. Wasilla, AK

Excellent, all of them! During my 90% letter I called about 4 or 5 companies and I will tell you too, your level of communication and your attention to detail is way I picked you guys. I told Jordan that if I knew about Caliber early on and that I could pay straight to principle and adjust my payments I would have never even contacted the other companies. This is our first time with broker and I'm really glad we went with you guys because the banks are frustrating!"

Rebecca B. Wasilla, AK

Oh my gosh, Eva and her team are the best! I'm a realtor and I did a deal with her and she was phenomenal. I had another one that she saved in like 7 days!!! I thought, alright well I'm buying a house so I'm going to use her, I just love her to death!

E. Anchorage, AK

"Eva is amazing she deserves a raise. She is just really good at her job!"

Zack S. Wasilla AK

They were phenomenal. You guys are incredibly fast. You guys are impressive how fast you are!

Susie Z. Wasilla, AK

They have been great, I couldn't think of anyone better to work with. We have had to do everything while I was out at sea and they have been amazing. I will be recommending you guys for sure!

Jennifer B. Wasilla, AK

I love your guys team effort much more than working with an individual because its much easier to get a hold of someone. Eva is phenomenal. I appreciate the hard work her and her team put in to get the work done!

Robert S. Wasilla, AK

Your team was excellent. They are very professional and very good about it all. When I had questions they were very responsive. I will definitely be using you guys again!"

Cathryn B. Wasilla, AK

Everyone did fantastic. They went above and beyond when they didn't have to.

Colleen B, Anchorage AK

“Eva is doing great things, I love her! She has held my hand through this for the past 6 months. She is so delightful!"  

Josh S. – Anchorage, AK

They are exceptionally phenomenally great. Everyone has been awesome and the experience has been better than I expected. – Josh S. – Anchorage, AK

Shantel S., Wasilla AK

Ours is not your typical real estate transaction because we are purchasing the house we live in from a family member and you have some amazing ladies in that office! Eva and her team have been nothing short of amazing and we are truly grateful!" -Shantel S., Wasilla AK

Traci B., Palmer AK

Eva is really really awesome to work with. The communication is the best!  - Traci B., Palmer AK

Jennifer B., Wasilla AK

Oh my goodness you were all awesome and I hope I conveyed that to you enough times! Everybody was super responsive and I cannot think of any negative about this experience! Thank you all one more time!! – Jennifer B., Wasilla AK

Colleen B, Eagle River, AK

Jordan and Eva were both fantastic! They were on the ball with everything! They had back up plan even though we didn't end up needing it. It has been wonderful!" – Colleen B, Eagle River, AK

Tiffany Q. – Wasilla, AK

I switched to Eva and she was just amazing! She never made me feel stupid and Jordan was just super helpful and amazing as well! I would recommend Eva and Jordan to anyone and everyone I know.   -- Tiffany Q. – Wasilla, AK

Carrie S. Anchorage, AK

You guys are rock stars! You guys did great! I think anytime we close on time is wonderful and your communication is just great! thank you very much!"      -- Carrie S. Anchorage, AK

Ana V-Anchorage, AK

Eva….. is amazing!!!! She made the process much easier than when I went through AK USA and as First Time Home Buyers she made it so much easier compared to them. We got the preapproval sooner than expected so I'm so happy!"  Ana V. , Anchorage AK

Erin L., Eagle River AK

I love the constant communication. They answer all my questions. I ask a lot of questions as a FTHB and they have been great at explaining things! – Erin L., Eagle River AK

Christina R., Anchorage, AK

I love Eva! I could not ask for anyone better and she is amazingly wonderful. She is so patient with all my questions. I started out with Veteran's United and I wasn't getting anywhere and my realtor said to reach out to her and that she would talk to me even if I didn't use you guys and I'm just so happy I did! – Christina R., Anchorage, AK

Danielle P., Wasilla AK

Jordan and Eva - Thank you so much!  You two were freaking awesome and made the process as stressless as possible. It was great meeting you Eva, and Jordan I’m so excited for you to close on your house next week!  -Danielle P., Wasilla AK

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